Guidelines for Chartering a Boat

Same as the car rental, you can also rent watercrafts or boats of all sorts almost everywhere across the globe. Not like driving, there’s no basics for boating skill. In a lot of instances, sailing and boating skill is definitely needed. 

Chartering or renting implies you’re taking ownership, for an extended time of someone else’s boat or any kind of watercraft which is usually a bigger boat. Most of the time, the owner of the watercraft will require you some proofs which you’ve had experience with the kind of boat you like to charter. This varies from renting a watercraft since renting is only applicable to smaller watercrafts which require a bit or no prior experiences to run, as well as will only be renting the boat for a short period. 

You need to comply or learn the basics of boating courses prior to taking out a boat legally, and that depends on the rental location. In addition to that, check also with your safe boating rules and regulations for requirements prior to going to the boat rental company. 

The following are some basic and most frequently asked questions when you want to charter a watercraft: 

  • Have you ever rented or chartered a watercraft in your name before? 
  • How long have you been sailing or boating? 
  • With this kind of boat, how much and what experiences do you have? 

Bareboat Compared to Captained Chartering 

Bareboat simply means that you rent the watercraft out all by yourself as well as the boat does have a crew or a captain. Crewed or captained charter, on the other hand, means that you’re a guest on board and a crew or captain is the head of the operation. Whenever the watercraft has a captain or crew and is together with somebody making drinks and cooking for you, this is called the crewed charter. 

Qualifications of a Bareboat Charter 

Most boat charter companies and owners will usually ask for your boat resume. They will definitely want to know if you have the skills and the experience to operate such boat and put all the crews and guests safe at all times. Your maritime experience or resume should be considered exactly such as the personal employment resume. This resume should be in chronological order of your experience and nautical background as well. 

  • Ensure to include the experience as you want to charter a boat in your local area. 
  • Watercraft size 
  • Sailing courses or certified boating 

Type of watercraft 

If the boat owner approves your nautical resume therefore, the next step is the orientation of the watercraft. During the orientation, you may ask questions related to the boating or sailing area, boat systems and the boat itself. Bear in mind that the crew or owner of the boat is paying close attention to every question you may ask.  

Now that you have learned the basics of boat chartering, then now is the right time that you try renting a boat yourself and to enjoy the river. However, you need to make sure that you only do business with a qualified and reliable yacht charter Ibiza. 

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