What Do People Search For When Booking a Hotel?

On average, an individual will visit 36 websites searching for the best hotels in Cartagena walled city, the best room, and the best price. The vacation journey might start on a search engine. However, where the journey ends varies on a lot of elements. However, the main objective for hoteliers is to ensure that their search ends on their site with a direct phone call or booking.  

According to a study, 70% of individuals will directly book with a hotel if they can ensure that they’re getting the perfect deal.  

Also, according to a survey, 98% of people depend on photos to know more about a hotel. However, several websites do this properly.  

Cut the Gratification Delay 

Hotels have to ensure that you’ve got a solid sense of the brand if they want to get trusted by people. On several occasions, the change between the hotel booking engine and the website of the hotel can be pretty noticeable. A lot of people provide great reviews for hotel booking engines that carried through the brand’s elements, either through photos or design. 

Tell Them What More They Can Have 

Nowadays, one growing trend is personalization. During the booking process, around 70% of individuals said it is helpful whenever they are displayed with what promotions they can pay for. Several individuals appreciated websites that provided them choices for add-ons. However, it isn’t for everybody. They need to ensure the lists are easy to skip and short if required.  


A thing that an online travel agency greatly focuses on is reassurance. A lot of people really appreciate it whenever the hotel booking website will tell them how much they are saving. For instance, the hotel booking website should have a “show deals” button with a “book” button for every deal offered.  

The Rate Isn’t Right If It Isn’t in the Right Currency 

Around 50% of individuals said that they’re irritated by booking sites that show rates in currencies other than their own.  

People find it very confusing to see rates that switch currency from one page to another, or whenever they aren’t able to find a button to switch to the currency they currently have.  

Show Them a Lot of Dates 

A website should make it simple to choose dates before showing the rates. One key factor in establishing relationships with clients is transparency. A hotel booking website should offer clients an obvious view of every detail they require to precisely comparing options when booking a hotel. 


A lot of people find it extremely off-putting and overwhelming whenever they see a lot of text. In a hotel booking engine, one rule of thumb is to show and don’t tell. It is a lot simpler to look at photos than read a lot of texts. 

Make It Clean, Short, and Simple 

People want to look for the book button as fast as possible. They also want to be provided with accurate information that will help them make an informed decision. Hotels should do this.